Women’s Self Defence

Capital Hapkido Canberra offers
a program solely for women of all ages.

Capital Hapkido Canberra offer a program solely for women of all ages.

It is the fundamental right of every human being to be safe and free from violence, intimidation, and harassment.

The CHC Women’s Self Defence Program provides women with the knowledge and skills required to prevent or overcome psychological or physical attack. Our programs are designed to educate participants on how to identify threats and appropriately respond in a variety of situations, from simple inappropriate conduct through to a serious attack.

This program is held fortnightly and covers off helping women identify potential risks while going about everyday life and learn to deal with different types of confrontation. Participants are taught:

  • self defence techniques to deal with an aggressor.
  • holds to pin an aggressor to the ground with the view to escaping or seeking help from others, and
  • provide an opportunity for the student to test their knowledge in a series of practical scenarios.

Topics cover and build up experience and confidence in:

  • identifying risks
  • situational awareness
  • anti bullying strategies
  • body positioning
  • the anatomy – where is hurts and how it doesn’t bend
  • basic escapes
  • identifying everyday weapons
  • appropriate responses
  • striking drills
  • falling drills
  • takedowns
  • holds
  • dealing with multiple attackers