Children’s Programs

Our kids are Tigers!

Our children’s programs are specially designed to assist our students to have a fun, safe, and enjoyable introduction to Martial Arts.

We offer four children’s classes:

  • Advanced Tigers
  • Teen Tigers
  • Tigers
  • Family option.

The Advanced Tigers class is available to all Tigers students currently above Green Advanced Belt

The Teens Tigers class is available to all Tigers over the age of 10 years old.

Tigers class is open for all enrolled tigers regardless of age or belt level.

The Family option is open to any Tigers enrolled under the Family subscription. The parent or guardian of that Tiger can enter onto the mats and train with their Tiger.

Children’s KHF Hapkido

In working with children we understand that learning the discipline and skills required to move into regular Martial Arts class is difficult.

The most important aspect of our program is to teach our children self discipline, self respect, to listen, learn, apply, and improve self confidence and self esteem.

With the assistance from Grand Master Ryoo we have introduced a program designed to assist children to understand the cultures and protocols used in our regular classes in a fun way. We build on these basics with a systematic approach of teaching striking, falling techniques, joint locks and take downs, and introduce concepts of how to a reduce and avoid confrontation in the everyday world. These programs provide children with valuable experience in practical self defence and prepare them for family classes.

AGES: 5- 13
Our age limits are a guideline to entry into the Tigers program. The maturity of your child is the key to whether they are ready to participate in Tiger’s programs and every child is different. As a general rule if your child can hold their attention span for approximately 30 minutes at a time they are ready to try our program.