Grand Master

Young Seol Ryoo

  • 8th Degree Hapkido Grand Master
  • President of Martial Arts College International
  • President of World Danta Federation
  • 5th Degree Hwal Bup (Pressure Point and Chiropractic Studies)
  • 4th Degree Taekwondo
  • 4th Degree Gumdo (Sword)
  • 2nd Degree Gongkwon Yusul
  • Certified Sports Master Instructor
  • Sports Massage Master
  • 2000 Began his first Hapkido School in Australia
  • 2000 Olympic Games demonstration team
Man Standing wearing martial arts uniform holding his belt

Our friendly Master originates from South Korea and has over 30 years experience in studying and teaching various martial arts, predominantly Hapkido.

His benevolent nature presents peace and harmony yet they possess a formidable arsenal of techniques. He has strong affiliations with Hapkido’s largest organisation – the Korea Hapkido Federation which ensures purity and unity for our college.
Master Ryoo is commended by many Korean and Australian martial artists alike for constructing a traditional, professional and effectivetraining curriculum for all ages!