attack and defense

Danta was designed by our Hapkido Grand Master Ryoo with a foundation in short and medium stick attack and defence. All Danta certifications are issued by the World Danta Federation (WDF).

We study WDF Danta under Grand Master Young Seol Ryoo.

Danta is a family martial art designed for both Adults and children of all ages.

The strikes and blocks are very similar in execution to boxing strikes, and are designed to replicate writing in Hangul (Korean).

Stemming from Hapkido, the advanced forms of Danta include weapon techniques that are used in the military and by the police with their batons.

Danta evolved from there to be a sports martial art incorporating a stick and shield. Competitors use these to attack and defend themselves, scoring points by striking key vital areas that, should a real stick be used, would cause significant damage. These areas are the wrists, upper arms, lower legs, and head as head gear is used.

Match formats vary depending on the competition being run, but they are usually run on a 5m x 5m or 6m x 6m mat, with a time limit of between 2-3 minutes per round. The winner is the competitor with the most effective strikes on vital areas by the time the time runs out.

Capital Hapkido Canberra

Capital Hapkido Canberra is the Canberra Regional Danta Headquarters and has two WDF certified Instructors. They have been working closely with WDF to provide a Danta syllabus for the Canberra region