Capital Hapkido Canberra started as a small group of like minded martial artists that held the view that quality Korean Martial Arts programs should be available to all without an exorbitant price.
The groups views came to life in 2012 when a team of black belts and a hand full of colour belt students were formally given permission to create Capital Hapkido Canberra.

Grand Master Young Seol Ryoo of the Korea Hapkido Federation (KHF) and founder of the World Danta Federation (WDF) shared the groups vision of high quality Korean Martial Arts systems for the people without the ‘quality’ price tag. Grand Master Ryoo endorsed the Capital Hapkido Commmunity and the community enjoys the full support from the WDF and the KHF.

Through Grand Master Ryoo, Capital Hapkido reached out to Grand Master Kang of the International Gongkwon Yusul Association to train Gongkwon Yusul.

Capital Hapkido Canberra stands as a government recognised Not For Profit community with members studying Hapkido, Danta, and Gongkwon Yusul. In just a short time the community has reached approximately 50 members and has participated in several events, of which our students took gold, silver, and bronze medals from all divisions of the 2014 National Gongkwon Yusul tournament. 

Capital Hapkido Canberra’s membership is growing, as of 2017 we now have 75+ active students between white belt and 3rd Dan in Hapkido, Gongkwon Yusul, and Danta!

Our Mission

To provide the ACT community and surrounding areas access to quality Hapkido and other martial arts programs, specializing in practical self defence.

Put simply, we want to help our students reach their personal goals and full potential, and hopefully challenge the way they percive the world, for the better.
Our view is that martial arts provide a way to bring balance, self confidence, and harmony into peoples lives. We recognise however that most people walk through our doors seeking practical self defence solutions for real world situations.

There are a lot of martial arts schools that practice the tradition of their art but fail to address the need for real world self defence and shifting ideologies. There are also non traditional schools that do offer practical self but are sometimes not necessarily family friendly or feasible for people seeking the more traditional experience.

This is what sets the Capital Hapkido Community apart. We provide strong traditional Korean Martial Arts values with a focus on what will work in the real world.

Please contact us for more information and to book in a free trial.

Capital Hapkido Management